Saturday, August 12, 2006

Unprecedented security

As an after effect of the alert on terror strike, armed police was seen checking and frisking in Delhi. Such frisking is very common in my hometown, but it is the first time I have seen assult rifle wielding policemen carrying out checks in Delhi. Unfortunately, all such frisking is done only on two wheeler riders, almost same as in Assam, as if terrorists travel only by two wheelers. We all remember that the terrorists who attacked the parliament last year travelled in car with red light. Even though VIPs who can carry cars with red lights (beacon lights) are well defined, but in Delhi any tom, dick and harry seems to have a red light on their cars which is considered as a symbol of power. I really feels it funny to find some old maruti cars with red beacon lights. If you are really powerful, you will be wealthy and will be showing that off by roaming in one of those luxury cars, not in an old maruti car. The old maruti car is telling what his status is among the rich and powerfuls rather than the red light on it. I have read that it has become a hedache for Delhi police. Hopefully, they will find a solution to it soon.
Further, Delhi has been experiencing several hours of powercuts in the last three days. My area in East Delhi is experiencing at least 4 hours of powercut daily. Fortunately, they are not in one go and is well spread out, giving just enough time for the inverters to charge. If the situations do not improve many Delhites all will be having a sweating and thrusty independence day.

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