Friday, December 23, 2005

First rain of this winter

We woke up this morning with the nice view of first snowfall in the hills beyond Mussorie. It had rained here last night -- the first rain of this winter. Mercury had plummeted further. It normaly rains here in north India in December. Once it rains, both the maximum and minimum temperature remains within 5 to 12-15 degrees. The cold is biting, specially at night. Back home in Assam, winter is very pleasant as during daytime maximum temperature hovers around 20 degrees.
Last winter, areas around Mussorie had received record snowfalls during Januray. Mountain peaks capped with fresh snows provides a nice view from Dehradun. Hopefully, it will be equally magnificient this year to enable us to experience the last snowfall before we move to the dreadful city of Delhi.