Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Indian Autoricksaw Challange

A rally of autoricksaw! What! When I heard of this unique event this morning, it really sound funny to me. It is usual to travel 30 /40 km a day in autoricksaw in India. But what about travelling nearly a thousand kilometers over 7 days. It is really challange. But it will also be fun.

Non-Indians may wonder as to what is an autoricksaw. Look at the photo above. A common mode of in town travel in India, this three wheel thing can reach a max speed of 55km. No wonder as to why 13 out of the 14 teams are foreign tourists who probably have felt in love with this small machine.

The chennai based Indian Arc (international youth group), has organised this rally with the main aim to raise money and help New Hope Society for Education and Social Welfare, which is fighting consistently to eradicate child labour from India. The steep entry fee of 1000 EUROS (Approx Rs.55,000/-) kept Indian participants at bay. The only exception bening the team of 5 member Lodha family.

The 937 km rally from Chennai to Kanyakumari via Mahabalipuram -- Pondichery -- Thanjavur -- Madurai --Tuticorin -- Courtallam, which is said to one of the scenic routes in South India. The rally started on 21st August and will conclude on 28th Aug.

Want to know more... read on the website of Indian Arc.

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