Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to Blogger

Blogger made its debute on 23rd Aug, 1999. Thanks to Pyra Labs. It has completed 7 years of immortal existance. On this occasion a new icon has been released for the Beta Blogger. See the Dog that represents 7 years. Goldtoe has rightly said "From those humble roots, a bloggerish forest has grown'. A forest where we all creep and seek solace by expressing ourselves. Indeed it is something we can not live without now. May god bless it with immortality.

I had recently upgraded to Blogger Beta. It was easy and has given a cool new look to the dashboard. But I decided against upgrading my template as this will mean losing all my customization. However, I had upgraded the template of my second blog Me'lange. It looks good with new features. Blogger is working towards on this and making improvements. May be in future upgradation will be more seamless. Want to try out the Beta about it on Blogger Buzz.

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