Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Delhi lamp posts are getting a new look

I had to coommute between my office at trans Yamuna and ONGC's corporate office at Cannaught Place for the last days. I had observed that everything around the ITO area was getting a fresh coat of paints. That reminded one that some big government event is around. This time it is the 15th August, the independence day. This part of the road leads to the Raj Ghat and the Red Fort, where the Prime Minister will unfurl the national flag on 15th August. Though the need of the hour is to find a solution to the water logging and traffic congestion problem at ITO. I have seen some 'Work in Progress' sign put up by a company, probably named 'Kaveri Constructions', for storm water drainage. But that may continue till the next independence day.
We have been told my numerous news channels security has been beefed up in the city for the forthcoming independence day. Not surprisingly, there were policemen everywhere yesterday. All around there was a big rush to buy sweets and gifts for today's Raksha Bnndhan festival, the festival celebrating the poignant relation between a brother and a sister. More than frsiking people, policemen were appeared to have been making hey (and money) by booking traffic violators. They were hiding in the most unexpected of spots yesterday. Without helmets and without seat belts were their targets. It often happens when some festival is around. I have seen it happen in Assam and the same happens in Delhi as well.
The other encumberance one may face till the independence day celebrations are over that the Barakahmaba road in Cp has been closed for entry from the ITO side. This his created heavy traffic on the KG Marg as all traffic to CP has to take this route. Anyway, till the independence day is over, it is better to stay put at home. Or, move out to exotic places as it is a really extended weekend. All hotels are booked to capacity, in locations around Delhi, specially Uttaranchal, for the next week. There is only one working day (14th) next week. For many it is holiday from 12th to 16th. So, guys, if you are lucky to have a holiday booked for next week, enjoy!

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Hiren said...

Hi, Rupankar. I am from Delhi too. You are obviously right about the weekend. Delhi has been sporting a new look also because of Akshaydham and those lovely AIIMS and Dhaula kuan flyovers. Hope the metro extends all over and it will be a compelete city.