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Friday, November 24, 2006

Learning Photography in Delhi


My knowledge of photography was built upon articles and books I have read on the subject. But the practical or handholding aspect was missing in that knowledge bank. I had always wanted to associate myself with some experienced photographer and have the feel of their working. But the places where I had lived in the last few years had very limited options or nothing at all as far as learning photography is concerned. In my job, Delhi and Mumbai are the only places where I can get such opportunities. So when I moved to Delhi this year, I was determined to grab this opportunity.

After scouting the market, I found out several institutes, but all of them have full time courses. My full time government job is my bread earner and I can afford to indulge in a costly hobby like photography because of the job. This meant that a full time course is out of question. Moreover, the cheapest I found was offered by Delhi Film Institute at a price of Rs.27,500/-. The three month course by Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) costs a whopping Rs.45,000/-. That’s a lot of money, specially when you are learning something for hobby. My idea of learning was to get attached with some established photographer and learn from the experience of working with him. And that again should suit my timings. It was a tough call.

But one morning I read about ace photographer Munish Khanna in the Times Education supplement. I was thrilled. What Munish was offering through his Photography Academy was exactly I was looking for. I searched the net and found out more about Munish and his photography course. Then I fixed up an appointment with him.

It eventually took 3 months for me to meet Munish as I could not find time. Finally, on last Sunday, I had an interaction with Munish at his studio. He was busy shooting a portfolio assignment of a model. As asked by Munish, I carried my hurriedly prepared portfolio of 3 albums. He appreciated some of the shots and told me ‘So you want to learn beyond it’. I told him about my aspirations and reasons for joining his course.

I was impressed with his attitude and facilities. Moreover, this is exactly what I wanted. Munish is into professional photography since 1993. He has converted the first floor of his duplex house at Uday Park (opposite Ansal Plaza near Khel Gaon in Hauz Khas, South Delhi) into a full fledged studio. My training will start from the first week of December.

Munish’s Photography Course:
His basic course has a 64 session curriculum. It includes lectures, presentations and practical. There is no hard and fast class schedule. It is upto the student how fast he can complete. A weekly schedule is sent to the students who can choose which class he wants to attend. For this course he charges a lifetime fee of Rs.12000/-. The fee entitles to many lifetime services from Munish like critical review of your shots, etc.

He even has short time and crash courses for those who are from outside Delhi. This is basically an abridged version of full course. This has 32 sessions and covers most important topics. It costs about Rs.7500/-. But if you are interested in real photography, you should go for the full one.

Munish teaches in his own style with his own curriculum. The course will not give you a certificate (if you are looking for job). But it promises to make you a successful photographer. So if you are in Delhi and wants to learn photography, then probably this is worth giving a try. I will be updating my experiences from time to time.
Where else you can learn in Delhi:
1) Asian Academy of Film and Television, NOIDA ( Cost Rs.45,000/-
2) Delhi Film Institute, D-20, South Extn-I, Ph-011-41648670/71/72. Cost Rs.27,500/-
3) Motion's Instutute, H-10, South Extn-I, Ph-011-41349615, 55492220. Cost- NOT Explored.
4) India International Photographic Council, Modern School, Barakhamba Road. 6 Months course. Cost-NOT Explored.
5) Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg,CP. Ph-011-23718833. Cost - NOT explored


posted by Rupankar Mahanta at 11:00 AM

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At August 09, 2007 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Rupankar... great, i just checked munish's web site and was wondering how should i begin with it.. since i am also working so i was in a fix what would suit me... it would be great if i get to meet you or talk to you some time soon..

this is my email, in case u get a little free.. plz drop an email as to when we can meet up.. its, googletalk id: axay.gupta, yahoo :

looking forward to meet you soon..

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At July 02, 2014 7:06 PM, Anonymous Aperture School of Photography said...

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