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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bypass Websense


Finally I could bypass Websense!

Ever since Websense was adopted in my office as firewall, it became a headache. Though it effectively kept out those who used the net only for voyeuristic pleasures, but to us it blocked almost everything. It is lovingly called Nonesense. After searching in the net, I had learned that Websense is one of the most effective firewall. It even blocks access to proxy sites. We had found out different ways, but all of them got blocked. I had tried to find a solution in the net, but without much luck. Probably my search criteria were oriented more towards ‘Bypassing Websense’ then finding a proxy site. Websense effectively blocks most common proxy sites. However I stuck a goldmine yesterday. A site threw me 3 pages of proxy sites. To my delight, only 3 of the sites could be detected by Websense. So guys, if you are facing such firewall problem, try this site Top 20 Free which has a long list of proxy sites. And ENJOY and uncensored world.


posted by Rupankar Mahanta at 5:01 PM

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