Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BIGG BOSS on Sony India

Bigg Boss is watching! Have you watched the newest reality show in India on Sony Television. If not, then start doing it soon before it progresses too far. I have watched the episodes till now. I feel that this Indianised version of the immensely popular show ‘Big Brother’, is going to be next hit in Indian television, at least among the urban crowd.

The show, a kind of Reality Show, was the brain child of Dutchman John de Mol and developed by his production company, Endemol. The first series of Big Brother was aired in the Netherlands in September 1999, and the show was subsequently adapted to virtually every other part of the world. It has been a prime-time hit in almost 70 different countries, earning Endemol large sums of money. 32 of these are original versions and others are near clones. The show's name comes from George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which Big Brother is the all-seeing leader of the dystopian Oceania.

The Indian vesrion called the BIGG BOSS is produced by Endemol India. So, it is not a plagiarised version, but a genuine one. The original programme Big Brother had broken many televion records. It was quite surprising that it took so long for it to enter the Indian televion scene.

The show timimg is 10 pm to 11 pm as of now. Once the ratings pick up, it will probably get a prime slot between 8 to 10 pm. The 13 celebraties inckuded people like Salil Ankola, Rakhi Swant, Rohit Roy, Anupama Verma, etc. Cut off from the rest of the world, nearly 30 cameras keep a watch on them round the clock What you get to see is a totally uncensored version of these celebrities daily life. Slangs are used generously. Obviously you can not hold you back for the sake of camera for too long. What amused me till now is the totally unexpected personality of Rakhi Sawant. She is very frank in her attitude and actions. So do is Ravi Kissen. There is very little secret about them and they appear as what they are. Others still appear to try to hide something in their personaility. May be this will change as time progresses.

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