Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lakshadweep trip is on

The initial reports for my daughter's blood tests had allayed fear of Dengu as her platellet count is good at a healthy 2.49 lakh. For dengue cases, the plattelet count reduces below below the normal range of 1.5 lakh. It may be fatal if it goes down below the critical level of 1 lakh. However, final confirmation will be available only tommorrow when the results of ELISA test will be out. She has shown surprising recovery since this morning despite having 103F fever all through last night. The doctor also said that children have very high level of tolerence.
In the last 48 hours, the thought of going to Lakshadweep almost went through the window. Even my mother called up to cancel the trip. I had two days to cancel ticket and cut short my losses. But the little one's recovery has rekindled hope of actually spend few nights in an island paradise. May be God has planned it that way!

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