Monday, October 30, 2006

Delhi traders' strike

My peaceful escapade to Lakshadweep from the harshness of Delhi is long over. Its time to face reality of daily life in Delhi. The three day strike called by traders in Delhi has started this morning. The breathing period in view of the Diwali has been over and sealings of illegal shops are to resume from 1st Nov. The memories of violence of the earlier strike has made common people think twice about venturing out. In fact this time the strike appears to have brought even shops like medical stores and those who are not likely to be affected by the 'sealing' drive. Most private schools have declared holiday today as they do not want to risk running school buses with children through mobs. I started a bit early for office and found that the traffic is thinner than usual. Everyone has predicted road blockades and consequent traffic snarls. Television channels have also advised people to stay indoors if possible. There was considerable rush in the local markets yesterday and prices have soared.
Rising prices of potato:
Believe me, I actually have bought potato for Rs.20/- a kilo the day before yesterday. Old crop were however selling at Rs.16/- a kilo. I have heard over FM yesterday the prices have now gone upto Rs.24/- a kilo. For some reason, onions are spared this time. If this is the situation in Delhi, there is every likelihood of it spreading to other states as well.

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