Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dengue update from Delhi

The Govt. of Delhi has decided against decalring the Dengue outbreak as epidemic for the time being. But it has called for a review meeting with officials from neighbouring states on 5th October to take stock of the situation. However, the causuality figure is on the rise with fatalities rising to 15 in Delhi. More than 500 people have been reported to have been affected. However these are official figures and actual figure may be more. Even the Rajasthan Government have confirmed at least 25 deaths from Dengue till yesterday.
Chickengunya outbreak in Kerala :
Living in the Dengue stricken Delhi, I was more worried with the news of another mosquitoes borne disease named Chikungunya which is reported to have assumed epidemic proportion in down south, specially in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. This illness is also spread by the same Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads Dengue. I was relived to learn that it is less fatal than Dengue. I will be Ernakulum (Kochi) after 12 days on my way to Lakshdweep. Ernakulum district has also been reported to have been affected. I will be spending at least one night there.

I have confirmred the status with the resort office at Kochi and they have told that Kochi has not been affected till now. I wish it remains so. Anyway, I believe that if you are to die, you will die sitting at home. There are bigger worries in an island holiday like Tsunami or some storm. If you are to live, God will find a way to protect you.

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