Thursday, September 14, 2006

Updating template to Andreas style

A change of template is a lot of pain, specially when you have customized it a lot. However at times you really felt tempted to go for a better looking one. While browsing through blogs last week, one particular template design caught my eye. I decided to get that design for my blog immediately. It is one of the template popularly known as the Andreas style, designed by Andreas Viklund.

After downloading the template code, I found that it would be very tough to change over from my current template to the new one. I am not an html expert, but have mastered few necessary things. But once I decided it, it became a challenge for me. For the last few days I am busier customizing the new template than devoting time to the blog. My efforts are coming close to a result and hopefully be next week or so my blog should be sporting its brand new look. However I am unable to give a preview as Blogger is experiencing a new kind of problem in photo upload.

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