Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A landmark achieved : 10000 visitors

My blog has crossed a milestone today. It has crossed the 10,000 visitors figure this morning. This has been achieved in 16 months. Thanks to all those who has repeatedly visited my blog and spared tome to read my thoughts in one of those 100 odd posts. When I look back, I still remember searching meaning of a blog. My blog has become one of my favorite indulgences. On this occasion, I had decided to go for a makeover. In fact I had been waiting for the last few days with my customised Andrea's template. I wanted something new to mark the occasion. A new outlook, but inhibiting the same passion. I will seek your continuous patronage for the journey ahead.


Eric Bernard said...

Hey Rupankar,

Was just going through some travel related articles when came across
your blog. Yours is one of the best Indian travel blogs I've read.
Well done!

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I'm sure your blog is read by many travel connoisseurs around the
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your blogs crossed 10,000. Great going! It'd be great of you could
give a link to us from your blog. Any feasibility??)

Have you travelled to London? And if not whenever you're visiting UK,
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Would love to stay in touch and keep myself updated with your travel
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Look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Bernard

Willprospector said...

Dear Rupankar,
Thank you for mentioning me on your blog. I have never traveled to India, but I have worked with many
Indian software engineers and database administrators. I only know how to say "Doneevhad" in Hindi but
I intend to study Hindi in about 2 years from now.
I realize many Indians have been to Germany through Lufthansa flights,but I do not believe many Indians have seen much of the Ukraine. Please take a look at that portion of my website:
I hope you enjoy the photography.
God bless,
Will Stewart