Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lakshadweep: Holidaying in the sea

My trip to Lakshadweep is on. I almost postponed it to next year for financial reasons. But things can really change fast in life. I had booked tickets yesterday for the trip between Delhi and Cochin. To keep the cost down, we would be traveling by train. This will help us spare at least Rs.20,000/-. When there is a will there is a way. Therefore we would be celebrating 10 years of being together in a secluded island resort in the sea. Our little daughter, the only addition in these 10 years, will give us company for what I am looking forward is an unforgettable holiday.

It was in May this year when the idea of Holidaying in Lakshadweep dawn on me. The prohibitive cost of traveling to Maldives made me explore the possibility of traveling to these island group which is a geographical extension of the Maldives group of islands. Once the destination was found, I got into direct contact with the Agatti Island Beach Resort. Ms. Lalitha Mohan, the lady executive at their Cochin office had been very informative on her e-mails. The cost of a 3N/4D holiday at this secluded resort worked out to be Rs.25,000/-. Traveling from Delhi with an overnight stay at Cochin will cost me another Rs.15,000/-. Thus the entire trip is expected to cost me about Rs.40,000/-. The same trip to a Maldivian island would have cost me at least thrice this amount.

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Avishek....hote pare cliche,kichu korar nei baowa said...

Hi Rups,
Really appeciate your hard work for writing all the minute details about your trip which has helped me lot.
I just wanted to know how should I pay for the hotel booking and ship.Also can I know the ship schedule before I book? I live at Kolkata.