Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Visiting Kerala : The epilogue

This concludes the series on my experiences of visiting Kerala. I started with giving an idea as to whether you really need a package tour in the first article Planning a trip to Kerala. The series continued with my travelogue through the following locations :

1) Cochin
2) Munnar
3) Thekkady (Periyar National Park)
4) Allepey (Houseboat ride) and
5) Kumarakkom
Appropriate photographs of each location is attached with the articles. For more photographs you may visit my album in My Photography .

It was February of 2004 when I was there. Time had rolled on since then, but I am sure nothing much has changed. Go and enjoy the fascinating and panoramic landscapes of Kerala. I feel that you should not miss few things because of lack detailed information beforehand. I have provided phone nos. of hotels and travel agents you may be interested. I will feel good if my experiences help someone to have a memorable holiday in Kerala.


Anonymous said...

Very useful and informative. Nice post.

Anal said...

Thanks Rupesh for this information..specially on Lakshdweep..it was so handy in planing trip..

Anonymous said...

Was very helpful to plan holidays to Kerala, specially for me, since I have recently shifted to Bangalore and did not knew anything about Southern states.
I would like to share with you all a source to find out Hotels and Resorts in India, which is of immense help to me for planning my holiday.
Do check it out and hope it helps!

Sholto said...
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Anonymous said...

Guys, next time you have to book your hotels and holidays on www.travelguru.com. They literally have most of the hotels in India online and real time bookable. I got an emailer where Goa, Port Blair, Hill Stations and the complete of Kerala is covered. I was pleasantly surprised at the range of hotels they have to book....check them out.

Priti Shah said...

Hallo Mr. Mahanta,

I have read about your kerala trip twice and found it very informative. In past few months I have checked various websites. I have contacted various resorts but have found the prices exorbitant. I am not sure if during month of november is it wise to travel to kerala without firm bookings. I am also wondering if I have abt four nights to spend in Kerala what places are a must. My tickets to Kochi are booked. Alleppy seems to be a very different experience, backwaters is unique there. Please let me know if you know one person who can help me with taxis and hotels.We do not like to rush to various tourist places. We usually sample a state first and than go back with detail planning. I am travelling with my family, husband and two lids 17 years and 12 years.

please let me know whatever you can, knowing my requirements.
thank u
p shah

Rups said...

On query by Priti:

My first advice : Do not take any package. Taking a package is plain
stupidity. There are enough hotels at all places. You hire a vehicle
from local travel agent / taxi service, like I did from Kochi. In any
case you will need a car. I hired one from an agency named Matha Taxis
from Fort Kochi area. Their nos. are in my blog post. But I feel you
can hire from any one. Kerala is a nice place for tourist. They do not
try to cheat you. Just insist on a driver who can speak / understand
Hindi. It is difficult to find one. I even booked my Houseboat trip
through them. Booking there turned out to be cheaper by about 2000
rupees. Your driver will be your cost guide as they will take you to
hotels as per your budget.

As far as location goes, I liked all the places I had visited. We
started at Kochi ---to Munnar --to Periyar --To Allepey ----to
Kumarakkom---boarded return train at Kottayam. I would suggest you to
hire houseboat for Allepey -- Kumarakkom sector. I hired Allepey -
Allepey and so I had spend extra amount for traveling to Kumarakkom by
road. But do spend a night on houseboat. It will be one of those
unforgettable moments of your life. In my schedule I had traveled
about 150 everyday which was OK, not tiring at all.

I hope this information will help you in planning.

Shantanu said...

Thanks dude... Thanks for helping us..I m just planning to visit Kerala in the end of this month with my friends.... This site is also very useful for planning to visit Kerala.

India Tour said...

Thanks a ton for providing this valuable information regarding kerala visit.I am sure it will be a great help for people who are planning a tour to kerala.I would also like to add that it was explanatory ,precise and does not diverts from the topic of discussion.

Madden 11 said...

Ya I have visited Kerala & very nice place, in all sides you will see only green trees, coconut trees & banana trees.As I remember rice is main food for peoples who leave in Kerala.

India Tour Packages said...

Kerala, situated on the lush and tropical Malabar Coast, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Named as one of the "ten paradises of the world" and "50 places of a lifetime" by the National Geographic Traveler magazine, Kerala is especially known for its ecotourism initiatives.

Expedition said...

I plan to go outsite, by searching your sites come with basic kerala's information.Really I satisfy with your nice post.

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Wildgrasshomestay- Wayanad said...

Hi Rups,

Have you been to Wayanad? If not then you are missing a beautiful part of Kerala.
Wayanad is near Kerala, Karnataka, TN border. Its a must visit place.

Do contact us incase you want to book our homestay when ever you visit.
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Muthuraj Rajave said...

Both this waterfalls are a part of Chalakudy river and 5 km away on the road to hill station (Valparai), which has excellent tea estate and is one of India’s highest elephant habitats and density is a crucial corridor between Parambikulam and Malayattur

VijayMK said...

Wild Elephant Resort in Munnar is situated at a beautiful location among the mountains in Munnar with a perennial waterfall which can be viewed opposite to the resort. The service is amazing although not the formal stuff. No crisply uniformed staff, in fact most of them wear T shirts with the resort logo and are locals being trained to serve guests. They even accompany you to the waterfalls and show you the surrounding area.
The leaf cottage, the treetop cottage, the Mud cottage and the rooms above the swimming pool are all situated on the top of the hillock from where you can see the mist moving in the opposite mountains. The scenery is amazing and the silence around id stunning except for the chirping of the crickets and the sound of the nearby waterfall. From the swimming pool one can see the mountains of sholayar in adjoining Tamil Nadu.
During the night you can also see the fantastic collection of stars up in the sky something which I have never seen in my whole life in the city.
The jeep safari is equally amazing and takes you to waterfalls , rivers and forest terrains , the people accompanying you take the trouble to show you how cardamom is grown, take you around the tea gardens and even Rubber estates as you go downhill. There is also a fish pond where you can do fishing to your heart’s content. You can also have your catch cooked for you and have it with some good palm toddy.
In fact it is Nature all the way and I enjoyed it.

India tours said...

Nice post and good info,like it.The beauty of kerala cannot be just printed or clarify, it has to be experienced. Fringed with Nariyal coconut palms that carpet the ground from mountains to shores, kerala, the south-western state of India, is a land of numerous fascinations.

India Tours said...

Nice post and good info,like it.The beauty of kerala cannot be just printed or clarify, it has to be experienced. Fringed with Nariyal coconut palms that carpet the ground from mountains to shores, kerala, the south-western state of India, is a land of numerous fascinations.