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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Numaligarh Dhaba


Located precisely 124 km from my residence at Nazira, this was our eating joint on occasional Sunday outings. Nazira as a living place is terribly boring because it lacks even a single outing spot for refreshment or entertainment. Sivasagar though is a little better. But the highways were good with very moderate to low traffic and so driving on the highways was always a pleasure. So you can plan outings for little far off places. You can easily drive at 80 plus on the highways. However, you will be stopped on numerous occasions by stray animals that somehow loves living on the roads. There is a popular term to refer to them -- Bovine Breakers.

The dhaba is located about a kilometer from the Numaligarh tinali, on the right side of the highway towards Guwahati. You can easily spot it by cars parked outside it. Besides, the occasional Sunday outings, the dhaba was ideally located for us to have breakfast on our journey’s to Guwahati. Similarly, it was ideal location for the evening cup of tea on return trips from Guwahati. The dhaba remains open till very late in the night. We once had dinner there at around 12 in the night on a late return from Guwahati.

What is so good about the dhaba? Well, it is more of a hotel than the dhabas that dots the national highways. It is clean and open enough to make you feel like having food. Food is good though not delicious. It is bit costlier then those hotels in Jakhalabandha and Bokakhat. A little price you pay for having food in a good clean place. They have a big pond in the backyard where they farm fish. Farm fresh fish are though not served probably. They also have their own mini duck and chicken farm in the backyard. The open paddy fields in the backyard add to the pleasantness of the place. It also has a PCO which you may not need anymore in these of mobiles.

The main motive of coming here on holidays is a little break from the monotonous life at Nazira. There is not much on Dibrugarh side. Come here on a weekend or you may stop here on your way to Kaziranga. It will take you about 3 hrs. from Nazira. Have food and relax. You may also check out the road that goes to the Numaligarh refinery about 7/8 km from here. The road is scenic. Once you see the location of the refinery township, the isolated landscape will make you feel good that you live in a better place called Nazira.

posted by Rupankar Mahanta at 5:42 PM

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At July 20, 2005 11:00 AM, Blogger Skriblomaniac said...

With Kefai Shopie coming up in Amolapatti, The comments needs to be revised.


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