Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bharatpur : good weekend break from Delhi

First of all apologise for all those who sought advise on travel, specially to Lakshadweep, in the last few months. I have been very busy and could not find time even to moderate the comments.
As a break from the hectic life, I went to Bharatpur (Keoladeo Ghana National Park) last Saturday (06.12.2008). While flying to Dibrugarh some 15 days back, I read a small article mentioning that most water bodies in Bharatpur has been replenished by the good moonsoon this year. This has made many migratory birds to return. When I visited the park last Christmas, it was in real bad shape. Almost no water and very few birds. But being there I could easily imagine had there been water, this would have been a bird lovers paradise. Thus when I got to know that Bharatpur has received water, I was itching to go there a second time.
On arrival at the park this year, it was a different scene altogether. All the water bodies has been replenished naturally. And so there were scores of stroks, ducks, herons and many other birds. One can see the birds nesting from a very close range. The made the trip a worthy one. If are around Delhi, you can give it a try. Bharatpur is some 180 KM by road from Delhi. The Kota Janashatabdi will take you there in 3 hours for just 80 rupees. I will upload some photos later.

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