Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hampi : I finally made it

(Writing from Bangalore)

This is my 3rd visit to Bangalore and this time I had made it to Hampi. Standing by the famed stone chariot at the Vittala temple complex, I said to me ‘this is why come all the way’. Among all the ruins in Hampi scattered over 25 sq km, what I really wanted to see were the Hampi Chariot. If you have read Indian history (I believe most of us did at least in school), then you probably had seen a photo of the Hampi chariot. There also is an old 5 paise postage stamp issued on this. This is a piece of history. My wish of being able to see it had fulfilled.

It was a real hectic trip. I started at 9 pm on Saturday from Bangalore and reached Hampi at 8 am next day. Hiring an auto, I could complete the sight seeing by 1 pm. I had seen almost all important monuments during this time frame. I also enjoyed a brief coracle boat ride on the Tungavadra. With the sightseeing trip ending well before I had expected, I boarded a bus back to Bangalore by 3 pm of Sunday and was back at Bangalore by 12 midnight. Thus in about 27 hours, I had traveled nearly 800 km by road. Yet the satisfaction of being able to see Hampi took away major part of the tiredness of such an arduous trip.

I will be putting up the details once I am back in Delhi.


Ravi Kumar said...

Yes I remember reading about Hampi in school. I will put that in my list as well. Thanks.

Thanks for leaving your comment in my blog. I have added your blog link to my site and waiting for you to reciprocate. Thanks :)

Anita said...

A fascinating place for me - both in terms of photography and writing. But I would recommend at least a few days to soak in the atmosphere that is unique to this place. Went a few months ago and I am planning to go back there sometime in November!

Büşra said...

thnx for sharing..

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Anonymous said...


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