Friday, December 14, 2007

Thinking of ANZ

Winter has realy set in here. An enticing long holidays next weekend is also beckoning. Are you travelling to a snow clad hill station? I have something else in mind. I am looking for a warm holiday.
The Indian cricket team is heading for Australia to enjoy the beatiful summer there. We poor fellas will cheer them from home. But if you are going to that part of the word this winter (summer out there in southern hemisphere), more specifically to the beautiful New Zealand, here is a site that will help in finding accommodation : Hotels in New Zealand.
In fact this site appears to be a part of a group of sites under the heading ‘Cheaper than Hotels’ with country specific domain names. This New Zealand specific link can help you find a Hotels in Auckland or a Hotels in Wellington or most places out there. I like these groups of sites because they offer all sort of accommodation – from five stars to one star.

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