Friday, June 29, 2007

Valley of Flowers : Plan A or Plan B

As part of my travel planning, I normally prepare more than one plan –like Plan A, Plan B, etc. I had set three options for my impending trip to the VOF. Of these, Plan A involves traveling with another family. But for want of a second family, I almost had to abort Plan-A and trigger Plan-B taht involves traveling alone. Besides slight increase in cost of the trip, it would be really boring to trek for 2 days all alone. Actually my childhood frend Shankar had to opt out of the trip for some personal reason. I narrated this story to another of my friend and colleague Chandan yesterday. On reading reviews and seeing photographs of VOF on the net, he almost immediately decided to go. A trip to VOF is really enticing and probably he did not want to miss this opportunity. Thus now I am back to Plan A.

Plan A involves traveling from Delhi by a big vehicle like Tavera or Qualis. Plan B was to travel by train to Dehradun and then start from there by a small vehicle like Indica. In both cases my expenditure on traveling would have been around 9000 rupees for this 7 day trip.

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