Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My first Google Adsense Payment

Two years and almost 21000 hits. My blogging journey have been very satisfying. To add to this 2 years celebration, I have received my first Google – Adsense payout cheque yesterday.

The cheque sent from some agency based at Singapore on behalf of Google is in Indian currency, converted to INR at the exchange rate on the date of issue. The $108 payout is worth Rs.4381.70. The depreciating dollar had taken a toll on it. The amount may be very small, but its worth is much more. It is very special. The time I have invested in my blog is not worthless.

When I started the blog, all that I wanted was to digitize my travelogues, but it became an addiction. There was a time when I used to post every alternate day. But hectic metro life and time has taken its toll. Further, I got involved in a philanthropic online project – help building an online dictionary for my mother tongue, Assamese. Being a voluntary editor for this project had eaten up most of my spare times in last 6 months or so.

Yet there is no dearth of visitors to my blog. Stats say that 50 to 80 hits a day. I keep receiving calls from travelers planning to go to Lakshadweep and remote places in Uttaranchal. It makes you feel that what I am writing is not worthless. Thanks to all those who have made the blog a success.


ankurindia said...

congrats . but if you had 21000 visits your earning should be 21k *30 (cpm)=$600 usd probably . you just need to learn a little more to increase your check amount . btw tip for you use yellow color ads with no border and use one banner in sidebar too

Arun said...

Congratulations. The depreciating dollar is indeed a big pain.

Ankur, a CPM of 30? Sounds big to me..

lifestyle said...

I think you got a great blog!! Thank you for that. I'm definitely going to add u to my favorite :)
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santosh ramani said...

This is santosh,i have doubts regarding google adsense,is it unfair to have a high CTR rate,
please let me know about it,and tell me how many days it took for you to earn $100,'your first adsense check',how much time it took for the check to be cashed out,please do reply in this regard;

Rups said...


It took me about 15 months for my first payment. I think this is
normal time frame for a normal blog or site.

Only unfair prcatice google tracks probably is the IPs from which the
clicks are getting generated. If bulks of your clciks are from few
selected IPs then you may be chucked out of the program without any
payment. This indicates that you have emplyed someone or a fixed set
of people who are clicking on your behalf.

Encashing the cheque was wothout any hassle. It was paybale at par in
any citibank branches in India. So in Delhi I got the amount credited
to my bank account in 3 days.

Hope that satisfies your curiosity.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rupankar,

Congratulations for putting up such a nice blog. $100 something for such a tremendous effort is not very encouraging - you deserve much much higher numbers.
I have a query. I work a regular day job in a software co. What are the legal implications if I intend to earn from advertising (such as yours) via a blog or site?

Thanks very much,