Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Update from Delhi

What is hot today in Delhi
Since morning it had rained really hard, though it had subsided after around 11am. East and South Delhi had received very heavy rainfall while Central Delhi had heavy rainfall. I have no idea about West Delhi where it might not have rained at all. Most of the roads were waterlogged, with the abominable smell of sewer and traffic was slow. The downpour was hardest around 9, the peak office-hour. God save those who had to brave the weather and the stench of sewer water and fathom those knee deep waters that were everywhere till about noon. The places like ITO, which is so important from tourist point of view as this junction connects India Gate, Cannaught Place and Raj Ghat, was one of the worst hit and witnessed heavy water logging and traffic jam. So, guys as long till the rainy season are over, it is better to stay away from Delhi. Anyway, because of the heat this is not the tourist season for Delhi.

Akshardham Temple: Musical Fountain is closed for repair
I had a second visit to the temple complex, though out of compulsion. This visit being on a non-weekend day was much better as the crowd was very thin. The extra security put in place after the Mumbai blasts last week was that vehicles are checked at the entrance thoroughly. I still do not understood the wisdom behind the reason that one has to take off his belt and wrist watch and travel few feet holding them in a basket. I feel so stupid doing it. However to our utter disappointment we found that the musical fountain show for the evening had been cancelled ‘for today’. But it appeared that the ‘Cancelled for Today’ sign is old and is place from some earlier day. My feelings were proven true when we went to the place to have a look. Some repair work is going on which may last few more days. May be the show remained cancelled till the rains are over. Who would watch a musical fountain getting drenched in rain? So, if you are planning a visit and have the though of musical fountain show in mind, then think again.

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