Wednesday, July 19, 2006 is banned in India!

Surprised!. I was to when I came to read about it on the Times of India this morning. I have not been able to able to access my blog yesterday and I thought that it may be because of any schedule maintanence, etc. But the cat is out today.
Post Mumbai blast government had issued instructions to block certain blogs. It is understood that list contained about 17 sites. But the end result is that instead of particular blogs whole domains have been blocked. One of the victim is where may be thousands of Indians like me have their dear blogs. Is it a bearucratic oversight or mental bankruptcy is yet to be known. Some one posted a comment saying that sometimes it becomes necessary to block the whole domain to block some sites. But what is not thought of is that there are many sites that offers free blogs like rediff, CNN, etc. If the government aims to gag blogging they will have to block this site as well. Indian bloggers have been pushed into a China like environment where government decides what you access on the net. The irony is that I can access to post my articles, but cannot read them in my blog!
The blogosphere and the net is abuzz with protest. We all wish sanity is restored soon and I will be able to see my blog myself.

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