Thursday, June 22, 2006

One year of blogging

A break from Delhi and the work pressure on return had kept me off my blog for most of last month. But then I realized that during these days I had completed one year of blogging. My tryst with blogosphere is not very long. It started sometime in April-May last year. I still remember going through various definitions of a blog on the net. Creating a blog in was very easy. But then started the process of giving your blog the desired look. In the process I had learned some html coding as well. Customising took some time before I finally settle down with the design and look. Everything had undergone a change -- from the blog name to the url to the template. I started the blog as ‘Guwahati Diary’. But finally settle down for ‘India Travel Diary’ with a new template. This was phase I. Then I understood the need for promoting the blog. It did wonders as my blog started receiving around 20 hits a day. Around 50 posts, more than 3000 hits, a few phone calls from visitors, some emails for more information and some comments – it certainly has been a very satisfying experience. It has made me feel that whatever little time I had spent in blogging was worth it. The milestone was probably marked by the opportunity to be a part of the first ever bloggers meet at Guwahati.


Mridula said...

Good to hear that you completed a year of blogging. May we all blog more.

Web Design Quote said...

Now you spent 4 to 5 years and get lots of thing but i think you are not updated your blog. I hope you will be updated your blog and share some more information with respect to you experience. I am waiting for more update stuff.