Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Monsoon at last!

Most Delhites woke up this morning to be greeted by a burst of steady rainfall. This probably is the first real monsoon shower this season. There had been sporadic rains, rather sprinkles, over last few days. The humidity had been real energy sapping. But the rains this morning was a relief.

Out on the street, the traffic was moving relatively slowly on the busy Vikas Marg. I could see artificial ponds getting created everywhere. Once off the main road, I faced a big artificial pond at the PSK junction. The problem in Delhi is that after a good rain, sewer lines overflows and creates those artificial ponds. It really stinks and is very dangerous. I was lucky to be inside my car and felt pity for those who had to cross the pond in bikes. People had very little choice as to avoid this you may have to take a half km detour and who knows what awaits there. I drove into the pond as I was aware of the potholes in this part of the road. But even then the water was deeper than my expectations. There was another big pond in the parking lot of our office building. Where are the drains! This is the result of this morning’s rain which by no means was a downpour. My God! This is Delhi, the capital of India.

We thought it happens only in Guwahati back home. But in Guwahati, sometimes we receive real downpour which we call ‘Kolohor Mukhere Dhala’ which will roughly translate as if rain god is pouring waters using buckets. Delhi will be doomed if it is to receive such a downpour.

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