Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just back from Ajmer

This is a trip I had been planning for some time. But the 400+ km distance from Delhi was one of the reasons holding me back. The Shatabdi from Delhi leaves at 6 am. Given the fact that we see sunlight these days only around 7 am, one has to get up at unearthly hours in this bitter cold to catch this train. Finally I gathered courage to undertake a driving trip. The trip one way was 410 km. It took us 7 hours to make that distance. I had driven almost 400km many times during my earlier posting. My home town Guwahati and my place of posting Nazira was almost 400km apart. But those were days when I was 10 years younger and did not have the slip disc problem. Anyway, my back hold well for 410 km one way and 860 km round trip drive in 3 days.

Encouraged by this successful endeavor, now I am planning to have another 400 plus km trip. This time to the Rantahmbor national park via Alwar, visiting Sariska on the way, and then may be a return via Bharatpur.


Shridi Pakages said...

Wow! great and have a nice trip ahead.

central playa hotel ibiza said...

400 km drive ? i never think of this realy very difficult for me to drive 400 km