Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pending posts

I feel bad that I had not find much time to attend my blog. I am not dead my blog almost died last year. During 2009, I had travelled more than I posted. I was too preoccupied with job last year which culminated in our team winning our company's prestigious CMD's awrad presented to us on this Republic Day. I assert myself that it will not be same this year. I plan to finish off my travel stories of last year as soon as possible. So following posts are coming:
1) Pahalgam (the last and concluding part of Kashmir trip)
2) Mysore - Infosys campus
3) Surathkal and Udupi Krishna Temple
4) Vaishno Devi Yatra and Jammu
Further, following are my forthcoming trips:
1) Corbett - a second visit from 20th to 22nd Feb, 2010
2) Kualalampur, Genting, Langkawi and Singapore - 15th Oct to 24th Oct, 2010
By the way, I had booked tickets for Delhi - Kualalampur by the newly introduced Air Asia flight from Delhi. The promotional rate as of now is Rs.3500/- one way. This is cheaper than any of the budget airline rate from Delhi to my hometown Guwahati. The offer is still on in case you want to try. The Delhi - Kualalampur flight will start sometime in Aug. We will be using the rich experience of one of our colleagues who had undertaken a trip without any travel package. So we will go there without any travel package. Booked the tickets, will book the hotels after 3/4 months prior to departure. This is going to be similar to my India travel experiences where I had travelled only once using a package.

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