Sunday, June 07, 2009

Relocation : one stop solution

End of another busy week. Most of the time was devoted to sorting problems of personnel getting transferred during this season. It may sound strange to many, but my company has an Annual Transfer season in which about 2500 personnel gets transferred across 24 locations in India. This comes every year in May – June. It is a Govt. of India organization where everyone is expected to serve in at least three regions in their career. The wisdom of moving 2500 personnel has been questioned many times as it involves substantial cost to the company as well, but is unavoidable. I look after the system related issues during this annual exercise.

A transfer, specially the ones where one has to relocate, is indeed a painful exercise. It not only changes your address, it changes your world upside down at least for three months. I had undergone three such relocations in 10 years – two of which had been long ones across different states. Your headache starts right from the day you are handed over your transfer order. Run around to find a reliable moving company which does at least packing and moving. Then find insurance, getting your car shipped, necessary clearance from local transport authority for shipping your car, search for accommodation and school for your kids at new place, , transfer certificate, surrender phone and gas connection, etc., etc. The list is endless. I remember someone putting a list of at least 70 things to do on transfer on company’s intranet.

It would have been really wonderful had there been an agency offering single source services for all relocation related problems. I had come across a site which apparently offers one stop solution to many, if not all, of problems on relocation. The services offered are the absolutely essential ones like packing and moving, insurance, etc. One of the features I liked was the Move Planner and Movement Checklist. Unfortunately, in India we do not have any such moving company offering single source solution to your relocation related issues. You have few which at best offers online removal quotes. Here you have to run around yourself and get the things done yourself. But the headache is tremendous. It takes another few months for you to settle down at the new address. Someone should start a service like in India which will reduce some of the pain of relocation.

Anyway, I also have compiled the second part of the Kashmir trip as Kashmir-2 and will be putting it up in next 24 hours.

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