Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kashmir : I am going there

I am yet to digest the fact that I am actually going to Kashmir! That is happening in next 30 days.

Till last year, I was of the opinion that one has many other choices of places to visit rather than risking going to Kashmir. But somehow my opinion changed after one of my colleague had a trip to Kashmir couple of months back.

Tickets have been booked. The trip will cover Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg and may be Pahalgam over 7 days. Planning to stay at JKTDC accommodation at all these places. According to my colleague JKTDC facilities provide comfortable stay at very reasonable price. Looking to hire a cab from Jammu for the entire trip.

My last long trip was to the VOF almost 1 ½ year ago. But at times it seems like ages. I had been to Goa, Corbett, Bangaluru and Hampi in 2008. But all these trips had been brief trip of 2-3 days. The exception was Bangaluru where I spent about a month for training. Thus I am looking forward to this trip which I expect to be one more trip of lifetime. We have less than a month to do some serious planning and homework.

Suggestions from experienced fellow travelers to Kashmir are welcome.

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