Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Going to Corbett National Park

I have booked a trip to the Corbett National Park next weekend. Despite my aversion for package trips, I had opted for a package trip this time. The main reason for taking a package is that the trip ensures confirmed accommodation at the Dhikala Forest Rest House (FRH), which is 35 km inside the park.

The package is offered by KMVN, an agency of Utrranchal Tourism. Being a Govt. agency, they only offer accommodation in the FRHs located deep inside the park. If you have a look at the map of CNP, you will observe that the park is divided into 3 zones : the Core Zone, the Buffer Zone and the Tourist Zone. The packages offered by private operators are for resorts located in the buffer zone, which is actually is on the periphery of the park. Therefore, if you take a private package, you have almost nil chance of getting into Dhikala zone which is part of core zone. All that you will have to satisfy is with trips to smaller ranges in tourist zone like Jhirna and Birjani. But I feel, if you do not get to stay inside the jungle or get a chance to visit the core zone, there is very little adventure.

The 2N/3D package ex-Delhi is all inclusive. The rate is Rs.5000/- plus taxes @3.22% for adult. It includes transportation from Delhi by car / coach, all veg meals, accommodation at Dhikala FRH and safaris. I went to the KMVN Office located at Barakhamba Road, CP, New Delhi, looking to book accommodation only. But when I heard of the details of the package, I had no second thought. The package frees me from many headaches such as booking train tickets, collecting gate passes at Ramnagar and then bargain prices for hiring a jeep for 3 days. One piece of information is that all passes for CNP are issued at the CTR Office located almost opposite the Ramnagar bus stand. The Dhanagiri gate that takes you into the core zone areas is 18 km from the town.

CNP had its own website which was very informative. Unfortunately it had been hacked. However, the KMVN site has some of the information from the old site. You can check out the site. The rates have not been updated. But as of now I highly recommend this package. I will share my experiences on return.


Atul said...

Hey rups
even i m plannin for a trip to corbett on 21st but we have not booked our trip. can u throw me some light if u know if d electricity goes off after 9.30 in night in FRH????coz my friends got very scared to hear bout that......thanx

Rups said...

Hi Atul,

Few things to note :
1) If you have not booked for 21st feb yet, chance of getting a FRH accomodation is remote.
2) This is adventure and so one should not bother about electricity. On my trip to VOF, there use to be electricity for about 3 hours in the evening at the bae camp at Ghangaria. That is enough to recharge everything -- from mobile to cameras.
3) Carry few essntials with you -- Mosquito repellant, Candles, medicines and match boxes. You wil be cut off from thw world for 2 days.
4) Further from my experiences of visitng many small places in Uttranchal, you have very litle option after sunset. Everything tends to close by 7pm. The sooner you can go to bed is better. In any case, you need to get up at those unearthly hours while visitng National Parks. SO it is better to sleep early.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Great blog...makes me jealous. Have fun at Corbett. I've been meaning to go for years :-(...it sounds amazing.

Kostubh Pandey said...

Hi Atul,this is Kostubh from Corbett City Ramnagar the nearest town to Corbett Tiger Reserve. I actually read your article,you really hv a good art of expression your views...bravo for that. Anyways I m here in your blog to say that I m working is Corbett for more than 13 years and also working for travellers as a travel person, so any time if anybody going through this blog wanna know any type of information regarding safari reservation or FRH reservation or resort booking,Feel free to contact me and I m sure you will get the best service for corbett.And plz keep it in mind its not for money matters only bt I love to help people so they can make there vacation more enjoying. You can mail me at thejungleguide@gmail.com or can call me directly at 09837092025 or at 05947253022. So msg for all: Corbett with 164 tiger is Asia's No.1 Tiger Reserve for Tiger. Do a visit and b a part of tiger conservation programme.
Regards: Kostubh.