Monday, October 22, 2007

Travel information on the net

Surfing the web for travel blogs, I have come across many sites which are meant exclusively for Travel Blogs only. Whenever I see a travel blog, I normally check their listings. This penchant has led me to such travel blog sites. I found that these sites are very useful for frequent travelers like me. You do not have to search countless blogs for a travelogue. The most recent site I have come across is Real Travel. I had explored its page related to India. It has listed information over 10 pages, though some of the pages are yet to be completed. Most of the posts are by foreign tourists indicating that the site is probably not known to Indian bloggers. Overall, Real Travel has the potential to be a very good travel site. It is just one of the sites offering only travelogues. There are many out there. I feel bloggers should help building these communities.

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