Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jaisalmer : the ultimate destination in Rajasthan

Think of Rajasthan, and the enduring images of camels, sand dunes, desert, forts and havelis (mansions) conjures up in the mind. Come to Jaisalmer, the only place which offers you all these.

On my reaching there, I could not stop uttering –WOW! What a place! The joy we felt was something similar to what we probably had felt while reaching Lakshadweep. That was a beautiful island in the sea, and this was a small place in the heart of the Thar Desert with magnificent sand dunes.

People from Delhi flocks to Jaipur on weekends. (I too did that once!). After being in Jaisalmer, I found that going to Jaipur is nothing but a wastage of money and time. Jaipur is easily accessible, while Jaisalmer is not. But all beautiful places are not that easily accessible. Jaipur is not beautiful, but Jaisalmer is. Jaisalmer probably receives more foreign tourists than other places in Rajasthan.

Photography was a delight. We spent a night in a resort in the Sam sand dunes, which gave us the opportunity to see two different sand dunes. I am compiling the trip. Meanwhile you can see the photographs on my flickr album.

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