Monday, February 05, 2007

Gone Digital

5 years after I picked up my Canon EOS 300 film SLR, I had retired it. Yesterday was the day when I could acquire a Digital SLR. Once out among budding professionals and advance ametures, it had dawned on me that flim is really outdated. We were late to adopt.
Canon was the obvious choice because of my old lenses. 30D is out of reach. So choice had to made between 350D and 400D. I had read a lot on both these models in forums. 350D had no issues reported, while many had reported underexposure problem with 400D. Some even quoted as Canon acknowleding this problem. I tested both. I could not convince myself to buy the 400D. So, I setlled for 350D. It cost me 30200 in grey.
One thing now I will be missing is the excitement of seeing how the photos have come. But my heap of album will not increase that fast and I will not not have to find shelf space for them. I had worked out that even though the intial investment is high by Indian standard, it will even out in the long run. Processing a 36 exposure roll costs almost 300 (including roll price), i.e. almost 8 per print of 4x6. In a roll you normally get 20 presentable photos. So the money on 16 is a total waste., i.e., every roll you wastes 130 or so. For 20 rolls a year, it is a good 2600.

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