Monday, December 11, 2006

A photographic trip near Delhi

My assimilation into the group learning photography under Munish Khanna is going on. The group had a good mix of amateur, hobbyist and wannabe professional. On my second day of classes, I had joined the group yesterday on a photographic trip to a village near Delhi.

Traveling out of Delhi, we first landed in a village like place named Bhatti Mines, some 13 kms from Mehrauli (near Kutub Minar). It actually is a settlement set up by Sanjay Gandhi way back in 1976. The guys pulled out their cameras and started shooting – without even asking for permission. Honestly speaking, I was a bit surprised. So do some localites. Soon people started gathering and started asking questions as to who are we, why are we taking photos. Someone suggested taking permission from the village Chief. He agreed initially, but then trouble started. Some people incited him against the group. It is understood that there have been attempt to evict them by government officials and so people have become suspecting to outsiders, even media. They were not sure whether we were actually photo hobbyist or journalist. Before it was too late, we left the place after assuring them that nothing objectionable had been clicked.

After a little bit of searching on the Mehrauli – Faridabad road, we found another village named Bhatti Khurd. Surprisingly no one here any objection to getting clicked. Everyone cooperated. The difference between the two villages was that this one is a proper village with simple people while the earlier one was a settlement. We all took photographs using our own creativity. There happened to be wedding in the village that day. The wedding provided additional opportunity for photograph.

It was quite an experience. All had taken photos. But they are yet to be assessed and commented upon by Munish. I have uploaded two of my favorites from my digital shots.

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