Monday, May 08, 2006

Mercury rising

It was 44.5 degrees C on Saturday. With 44.4 degrees C, Sunday was no better either. To make the matter worst, it was partly overcast that added humidity factor into it. Met deptt. says that the temperature were 5 degrees above normal around this time of the year. The humidity has increased overnight and it was a real hot and humid morning today. I had enquired with my friend in Dehradun and was told that there was light drizzle last evening. While the rains cool the hills, it adds to the humidity of Delhi. On my way to office, the Radio Mirchi jockey announced that temp. is 34+ around 10 am. But the sapping humidity factor was not taken into account. Every 20% of humidity adds to 1 degree C of temp. We were lucky to stay indoors on the weekend. We had also been lucky with power cuts till now that is a regular feature of Delhi in summer. But I feel pity for those who had come to Delhi or India around this time. It is really hot out here and should be avoided altogether. More than 50 people had already died in this round of heat wave sweeping North India in the last few days. With schools closing for summer vacations this week, many people prefers a break from the heat and escapes to cooler places up in the hills. This is the peak season for hill stations like Mussorie, Shimla, Nainital, etc. Hotel rates are at its highest and do not expect any discount. I will be off to my hometown soon for the annual pilgrimage and hope to stay away from the sweltering Delhi heat till moonsoon arrives in mid-June.

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Arun said...

44.5 seems very hard. Very nice blog here. Will be looking forward to more places in the days to come..